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About the Behavioral Health Community Partner Program

The Behavioral Health Community Partner (BHCP) program serves adult MassHealth members ages 21 to 64.

How We Can Help

We are a collaboration among five provider agencies. Many of our care coordinators, nurses, and peer specialists live in the communities they serve. We have experience coordinating care and provide services for people with physical health, mental health, and substance use needs across Massachusetts.

Our team of care coordinators work to help MassHealth members connect to the right care and coordinate care with primary care physicians, medical specialists, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). We help ensure that members have access to medical, behavioral health, social supports, and/or long term support services that they need and want.

We also provide supports to address social needs that affect people, including housing, nutrition, employment, and wellness coaching to achieve goals for better health.

Our Services

Our care coordinators offer flexible options to support members’ health care needs—on the phone, in their home, a doctor’s office, or another convenient place in their community. Members may choose to include family and/or friends to provide additional assistance and support.

We help members:

  • Learn about their health and health conditions
  • Communicate with their primary care physician and other providers to coordinate care
  • Connect to resources they need and want to improve their health
  • Reach wellness goals
  • Get assistance with housing, nutrition, and other social needs
  • Get help accessing transportation


Our Behavioral Health Community Partner program will work with ACOs and MCOs to provide care management and care coordination to certain members identified by MassHealth, ACOs, or MCOs. We will provide care management and care coordination to certain members with significant behavioral health needs, including serious mental illness and addiction. We will provide care coordination and navigation to certain members with complex long-term services and supports needs, such as adults with physical disabilities, developmental disabilities and brain injuries.

Members enrolled in an ACO or MCO will be able to participate in our BH CP program. Community Partners (CPs) programs are not available to members in the PCC Plan or in MassHealth’s fee-for-service program (e.g., members who are dually-eligible for MassHealth and Medicare) unless the member is affiliated with the Department of Mental Health’s Adult Community Clinical Supports program. Where members have other state agency or provider supports, CPs will coordinate with those supports and will supplement but not duplicate the functions provided by them.

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BHPMW Partner Program – English

Programa de Asociados Comunitarios de Salud Conductual – Spanish

Programa de parceria comunitária para a saúde comportamental – Brazilian Portuguese

កម្មវធិីដៃគូសហគមន៍ សុខភាពឥរយាបថ – Khmer

Chương Trình Behavioral Health Community Partner – Vietnamese

  • “It was easy. One phone call is all it took.”
  • “The service was very professional and you were very nice and helped me get the therapy much faster than when I tried on my own.”
  • “You guys did great! You were so fast and followed up. I feel like the clinician and my son are a great match and things will go well.”
  • “You were very supportive when we first connected, and if I need [help] in the future I will call. If any parent at my church that needs the service I will tell them to call.”